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German DeclensionLesson 6

Let's learn how to decline German nouns!

💡 In this lesson, you'll learn how to describe people in German. You'll learn:
  • Basic German Descriptions
  • How to Negate Adjectives in German
  • German Adverbs: immer, nie & manchmal

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Welcome to your first German lesson. The German language is full of interesting quirks, weird behaviours and random verbs.

German Declensions


German nouns are a bit different to English nouns in that they change their forms, depending on what role they play in the sentence. In German, sentences are a little bit like puzzles: Certain puzzle pieces will only fit into the sentence smoothly, if the form is exactly right.

Have a look at this sentence:

Der Mann sieht den Baum.

The man sees the tree.

In this sentence, the nouns der Mann (the man) & der Baum (the tree) are connected by the verb sehen (to see). But why do we say den Baum and not der Baum?. Because der Baum would be the wrong form.

In the sentence Der Mann sieht den Baum, the word Mann is the subject and the word Baum is the object. In German, this means that Baum needs to be in the accusative case. And how do we put the word der Baum into the accusative case? Correct, by saying den Baum.

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