Fairy Tales in Simple GermanFor Beginners & Intermediates (A2, B1, B2)

Improve your German with our easy fairy tales, rewritten in simple German. If reading the original brothers Grimm tales is still too difficult for you, our simplified texts might be just what you need.

Reading simplified fairy tales in German is a great way to improve your reading comprehension skills.

Fairy Tales in Simple German

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Reading Simple German Fairy Tales

Fairytales have been a beloved part of our culture for centuries, and they can be a great resource for language learners. If you're learning German, reading fairytales in simple German can help you improve your language skills while also enjoying some classic stories.

Why Learn German with Fairytales?

First of all, fairytales are usually written in a straightforward and accessible language. This makes them a great option for beginners who are still getting the hang of grammar and vocabulary. Additionally, many fairytales have been translated into countless languages, including German. This means that you can easily compare the German version with the original version in your own language, which can help you better understand the meaning of the text.

Fairytales also offer a lot of cultural insight into Germany. They are often based on local myths and legends, and can teach you a lot about the country's values, customs, and traditions. This can help you better connect with German culture and people, and may even inspire you to plan a trip to Germany someday!

Where to Find Fairytales in Simple German?

There are several resources online where you can find fairytales in simple German. One of the best places to start is with German language learning websites, such as Deutsch-Lernen.com or Learn-German-Easily.com. These websites offer a variety of German texts, including fairytales, that are written specifically for language learners. You can also find fairytales in simple German on Amazon or other online bookstores.

One popular series of fairytales in simple German is the "Lies mal" series, which offers classic tales such as "Hansel and Gretel" or "Cinderella" rewritten in easy-to-understand language. Another great option is the "German Short Stories for Beginners" series by Olly Richards, which includes several fairytales in simple German along with audio recordings to help you improve your listening skills.

How to Make the Most of Reading Fairytales in Simple German?

When you're reading fairytales in simple German, there are several things you can do to make the most of the experience. First of all, try to read actively rather than passively. This means that you should engage with the text, rather than just letting your eyes skim over the words. Some active reading techniques include underlining or highlighting important words or phrases, summarizing the main idea of each paragraph, and asking yourself questions about the text as you go.

Another great way to improve your German skills while reading fairytales is to read them out loud. This will help you practice your pronunciation and intonation, and also give you a chance to practice speaking German in a comfortable and low-pressure environment. You can even record yourself reading the story and listen back to it to identify areas where you can improve.

Finally, don't be afraid to use a dictionary if you come across a word or phrase that you don't understand. This can be a great way to expand your vocabulary and improve your overall comprehension of the language. Alternatively, you can use our own interactive reader to help you with vocabulary and comprehension.

In Conclusion

Fairytales in simple German can be a valuable resource for language learners who want to improve their German skills while enjoying classic stories.

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