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German Vocabulary

German animal names are really fun to learn! Most of them are a bit quirky, a little bit strange, but never boring.

Die Schildkröte: Does this turtle kind of look like a toad with a shield?

Ready to learn some German vocabulary for birds? Whilst we do have a list with German animal vocabulary that includes some birds (as well as a list with the funniest German animal names that also includes a few birds), the ornithologists (bird lovers) amongst you won't be satisfied:

"What about the Satanic Nightjar or the Little Bustard?" we hear you cry out loud! But don't worry - we've got your back.

There is a lot of German vocabulary to learn, and it happens quickly that one

German numbers, asking for directions in German or telling the time in German, German animal names are actually fun to learn - really.

German Birds Vocabulary

der Vogelbird
die Euleowl
der Spatzsparrow
der Spechtwoodpecker
die Amselblackbird
der Storchstorch
der Geiervulture
der Adlereagle
der Falkefalcon
der Pfaupeacock
der Kranichcrane
der Reiherheron
der Schwanswan
die Möweseagull
der Straußostrich
der Truthahnturkey
die Wachtelquail
der Raberaven

Funny German Bird Names


Lachender Hans:

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