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Numbers in German
How to count from 1 to 99


In this post, we are going to learn the numbers in German.

Knowing how to count in a foreign language is pretty useful, but if you're a total beginner, don't fret it: Being able to only count from 1 to 10 will already get you very far.

Just know this: Counting in German isn't very hard, if you understand how numbers are put together. It's actually quite logical and starts to make sense, once you get the hang of it!

Numbers from 1 - 10 in German

The numbers from 1 - 10 just have to be memorized. While they are not too different sounding to their English equivalent, they aren't exacty the same.

einsone (1)
zweitwo (2)
dreithree (3)
vierfour (4)
fünffive (5)
sechssix (6)
siebenseven (7)
achteight (8)
neunnine (9)
zehnten (10)

The good news here is that once you've got the numbers from 1 - 10 down, counting to 100 is pretty easy and also quite predictable.

11 - 20

On to the next ten! The German names for "eleven" and "twelve" still need to be memorized, but from thirteen onward you will start to see a system and recognise some of the numbers that you've learned above:

elfeleven (11)
zwölftwelve (12)
dreizehnthirteen (13)
vierzehnfourteen (14)
fünfzehnfifteen (15)
sechszehnsixteen (16)
siebzehnseventeen (17)
achtzehneightteen (18)
neunzehnnineteen (19)
zwanzigtwenty (20)

21 - 30

einundzwanzigtwenty-one (21)
zweiundzwanzigtwenty-two (22)
dreiundzwanzigtwenty-three (23)
vierundzwanzigtwenty-four (24)
fünfundzwanzigtwenty-five (25)
sechsundzwanzigtwenty-six (26)
siebenundzwanzigtwenty-seven (27)
achtundzwanzigtwenty-eight (28)
neunundzwanzigtwenty-nine (29)
dreißigthirty (30)