You might know that YouTube is one of the very best platforms for language learners.

As a beginner, you can easily find videos that explain very basic concepts and get you used to the sounds of the language you're learning. As an intermediate, the transition into native content is eased a lot by having subtitles readily available and the breadth of content available on the platform.

Let's have a look at the best YouTube channels for learning German. We are going to look at German YouTube channels for beginners first.

So channels, that are very focused on learning German.

Later, we'll also talk about German YouTubers and other types of content that aren't necessarily targeting beginners, but native speakers.

Beginner German Youtube Channels

Learn German with Anja

Elysse Speaks

Elysse Speaks is one of our favorite channels when it comes to language learning generally! She's not only covering German, but also other languages like Spanish & Portugese.

Her advice on language learning in general is also great.

DW German - Nicos Weg

While we can recommend any of the Deutsche Welle


Steffi's youtube channel is also a great resource for German learners - especially beginners & low intermediats.

Her pronunciaton is very clear.

Deutsch für Euch


Intermediate German YouTube Channels

Easy German

Easy German is probably the most famous German Youtube channel.

While you can certainly benefit from it a lot when you're still an absolute beginner, we've decided to include this channel in our intermediate section, as you will probably get the most out of it when you're already a bit further along your German studies.

Best YouTube Channels for German Grammar

Your German Teacher - Luzi & Johannes

German with Herr Antrim

German with Laura

German with Laura is a great channel for people who would like to learn a little more German grammar.

I know, I know, we generally don't advise delving into grammatical concepts too much when it comes to language learning, but let's be honest: Sometimes it's unavoidable and sometimes it's also simply interesting to see how.

German YouTubers

Funny German YouTube Channels

Neo Magazin Royale

Martin Sonneborn

Instructional German YouTube Channels (History & Science)

MrWissen2go – Secret Truths Revealed

Kurzgesagt Explainity - Einfach erklärt Mailab

Terra X Lesch&Co Quarks BYTEthinks Psychologeek

Die Sendung mit der Maus Mr Wissen2Go Simplicissimus


WDR Reisen

Jung & Naiv


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