If you're on Twitter and you happen to also be into language learning (or even just German) then chances are that you might be aware of this little Twitter bubble called #langtwt.

Since Twitter is such an integral part to so many language learners (and especially German learners), we thought we'd ask our followers and other people on #langtwt for the best twitter accounts to learn German with:

We've compiled their answers into a neat list here & added a few that we thought should be mentioned too. Hope you'll find this useful.

10+ Twitter Accounts To Learn German

Learning a new language can be challenging, but with the right resources and consistent practice, it becomes much easier. Twitter, with its short and concise messages, can be a valuable tool to enhance your German language skills. In this article, we have curated a list of the 10 best Twitter accounts to help you learn and improve your German. Let's dive in!

1. @dw_learngerman

Deutsche Welle's Learn German account is a fantastic resource for German learners. They provide daily tweets with vocabulary, grammar tips, idiomatic expressions, and interactive quizzes.

You can also find links to their website with more in-depth lessons and exercises.

2. @slowgerman

Slow German, as the name suggests, offers a more relaxed approach to language learning. The account shares slow and clear audio snippets with accompanying transcripts, allowing you to improve your listening comprehension skills. They cover a wide range of topics, including culture, history, and everyday life in Germany.

3. @germanlanguage

This Twitter account is dedicated to teaching German in an engaging and interactive way. German Language offers vocabulary words, grammar explanations, and useful phrases. They often include visual aids, memes, and quizzes to make learning enjoyable.

4. @teacherluzi

Expand your German vocabulary with German Word-A-Day. This account shares a new German word every day, along with its meaning and pronunciation. It's a great way to gradually build up your word bank and discover interesting terms you might not encounter in traditional lessons.

5. @smartergerman

SmarterGerman focuses on providing tips and strategies for mastering the German language. Their tweets cover various aspects of language learning, such as grammar hacks, memorization techniques, and recommended resources. You'll find plenty of valuable advice to accelerate your progress.

6. @germanexplained

German is Great offers a mix of grammar explanations, vocabulary practice, and cultural insights. Their tweets often include useful infographics and charts to help you understand complex grammar concepts more easily. They also share tips on pronunciation and common mistakes to avoid.

7. @GermanAtPompey


Babbel, a popular language-learning platform, has a dedicated Twitter account for German learners. Their tweets cover a wide range of topics, including grammar, vocabulary, and conversational phrases. You can also find links to their blog articles and language exercises.

8. @PhraseMatesDE

https://twitter.com/PhraseMatesDE German Tutors is a community-driven account that connects learners with experienced German tutors. They share tips, advice, and language learning resources. Additionally, they retweet valuable content from other German learning accounts, providing a diverse range of materials.

9. @time_german

Time for German

This account offers a comprehensive approach to learning German. German Language 2 provides grammar explanations, vocabulary lessons, and practice exercises. They also share interesting articles and blog posts related to German culture and language learning.

10. @MrLAntrim


German Tips is dedicated to sharing quick tips and insights to improve your German language skills. They cover grammar, vocabulary, idioms, and pronunciation. The account also retweets valuable content from other German learning resources.

11. @GermanDailyWord


12. Gordon's German


13. @german_tutor

Angelika Davey


Using these Twitter accounts in combination with other language learning methods can significantly enhance your German proficiency. Remember to engage with the content, interact with fellow learners, and practice regularly. Viel Erfolg (Good luck) in your German learning journey!

Other Acounts for German Learners


We hope this list of the 10 best Twitter accounts to learn and improve your German will be helpful on your language learning journey. Follow these accounts, engage with their content, and watch your German skills soar!

Do you have any other favorite German language learning resources on Twitter?

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