Sports Equipment in GermanWords around Football, Tennis & more

Master German sport equipment vocabulary, for athletic discussions.

Germany has a rich history of sports and is home to many popular sports teams and athletes. Some common sports in Germany include soccer (Fußball), basketball (Basketball), handball (Handball), and tennis (Tennis).

This is why in this post, we're going to have a look at German sports vocabulary and German words & expressions that are related to sport & physical activity.

Sports Equipment in German

Knowing the vocabulary for sports gear in German can be helpful for a variety of reasons. If you are traveling to a German-speaking country and are looking to participate in a particular sport, understanding the terms for the necessary equipment is essential.

der Handschuh
der Tennisschläger
tennis racquet
die Skier (pl.)
das Surfbrett
das Skateboard
der Schläger
der Fußballschuh
soccer cleat
die Schwimmbrille
swimming goggles
die Laufschuhe (pl.)
running shoes
der Skistock
ski pole

Racquets in German

der Schläger
der Tennisschläger
tennis racquet
der Baseballschläger
baseball bat
der Golfschläger
golf club

Protective Gear in German

der Helm
die Schutzbrille
protective goggles
der Schutzhandschuh
protective glove
der Mundschutz
mouth guard
der Schienbeinschoner
shin guards
der Knieschoner
knee pad
das Stirnband
das Schulterpolster
shoulder pad