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Germany has a rich history of sports and is home to many popular sports teams and athletes. Some common sports in Germany include soccer (Fußball), basketball (Basketball), handball (Handball), and tennis (Tennis).

This is why in this post, we're going to have a look at German sports vocabulary and German words & expressions that are related to sport & physical activity.

Sports Equipment in German

Knowing the vocabulary for sports gear in German can be helpful for a variety of reasons. If you are traveling to a German-speaking country and are looking to participate in a particular sport, understanding the terms for the necessary equipment is essential.

der Tennisball
der Tennisschläger
der Basketballkorb
die Skier (pl.)
das Surfboard
das Skateboard
der Schutzhandschuhprotective glove
der Mundschutzmouth guard
der Helmhelmet
die Schwimmbrilleswimming goggles
der Fußballschuhsoccer cleat
der Reithelmriding helmet
das Skateboardskateboard
das Baseballschlägerbaseball bat
der Golfschlägergolf club
das Tennisrackettennis racket
der Handschuhglove
der Skistockski pole
die Laufschuherunning shoes

Also: If you know that der Helm is a helmet and der Schutzhandschuh is a protective glove, you can more easily understand the safety precautions of a particular sport.

Protective Gear

der Schutzhandschuhprotective glove
der Mundschutzmouth guard
die Schienbeinschonershin guards
die Knieschonerknee pads
das Stirnbandheadband
der Helmhelmet
die Schulterpolstershoulder pads
der Brustschutzchest protector
die Schutzbrilleprotective goggles
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