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Sind vs. Seid
What's the Difference?


Quick Answer

The words "sind" & "seid" are just different conjugations of the verb "to be". You would say we areWir sind & they areSie sind, but you would have to say you areIhr seid

What's the difference between "sind" vs. "seid"?

The German words "sind" & "seid" both mean 'to be'.

The only difference here is that "sind" is used for the 1st person plural (we) and the 3rd person plural (sie), whereas "seid" is used with the 2nd person plural (you, pl.).

Wir sind in der Schule.

We are in school.

Sie sind in der Schule.

They are in school.


Ihr seid in der Schule.

You (pl.) are in school.