Photography is a fascinating art form that allows us to capture moments and express creativity through images. Learning photography vocabulary in German can help you understand camera settings, discuss photography techniques, and communicate with fellow photographers in German-speaking communities. In this blog post, we'll provide you with multiple lists of very useful German words related to photography.

Camera and Equipment

Let's start with some essential camera and photography equipment terms:

die Kamera
die Digitalkamera
digital camera
die Spiegelreflexkamera
DSLR camera
die Systemkamera
mirrorless camera
das Objektiv
der Auslöser
shutter release button
der Blitz
der Stativ
der Fernauslöser
remote shutter release
die Speicherkarte
memory card
die Batterie
die Belichtungszeit
exposure time

Photography Settings

Next, let's explore some common photography settings and terms:

die Blende
die Verschlusszeit
shutter speed
der ISO-Wert
ISO value
die Belichtungskorrektur
exposure compensation
die Brennweite
focal length
der Weißabgleich
white balance
der Fokus
die Tiefenschärfe
depth of field
die RAW-Datei
RAW file
die Belichtungsmessung
exposure metering
der Bildstabilisator
image stabilizer
die Bildauflösung
image resolution

Photography Techniques

Now, let's learn about some photography techniques and concepts:

die Langzeitbelichtung
long exposure
die Makrofotografie
macro photography
die Schwarzweißfotografie
black and white photography
die Panoramafotografie
panoramic photography
die Nachtfotografie
night photography
die Porträtfotografie
portrait photography
die Landschaftsfotografie
landscape photography
die Architekturfotografie
architectural photography
die Sportfotografie
sports photography
die Streetfotografie
street photography
die Tierfotografie
wildlife photography
die Eventfotografie
event photography

Photography Composition

Lastly, let's explore some essential photography composition terms:

die Regel Drittel
rule of thirds
der Bildausschnitt
composition / framing
der Goldene Schnitt
golden ratio
der Vordergrund
der Hintergrund
der Blickwinkel
angle of view
die Perspektive
die Symmetrie
die Bilddiagonale
diagonal lines
die Bildtiefe
depth in an image
das Führungslinien
leading lines
die Bildgestaltung
image composition

We hope this photography vocabulary helps you dive deeper into the world of photography in German! Whether you're exploring camera settings, trying out new techniques, or composing captivating shots, these words will be valuable. Happy Clicking!

Photography is a universal language that transcends cultural barriers and speaks to the essence of the human experience. In the realm of German photography, a rich vocabulary has developed to describe the art, techniques, and emotions associated with capturing moments through the lens.

In this short blog post, we will dive into the world of German photography vocabulary and explore the words that paint vivid pictures of this captivating art form.

die Fotografie
die Kamera
das Objektiv
die Belichtung
die Blende
die Verschlusszeit
shutter speed
das ISO
der Bildausschnitt
die Perspektive
die Bildbearbeitung
image editing/post-processing

German Photography Vocabulary Word List

1. Die Fotografie

At the heart of German photography lies the word "Die Fotografie," which simply means photography. This term encompasses the art and practice of capturing images using a camera. Whether it's digital or film photography, "Die Fotografie" represents the essence of freezing fleeting moments in time.

2. Die Kamera

The "Die Kamera" is a fundamental tool for photographers. It refers to the camera itself, the device that enables them to capture the world through their lens. From classic analog cameras to modern digital ones, "Die Kamera" plays a crucial role in the photographic process.

3. Das Objektiv

The "Das Objektiv" is the lens mounted on the camera that determines how the subject is captured. Different "Objektive" have varying focal lengths and aperture settings, allowing photographers to achieve various effects, such as close-ups, wide-angle shots, or beautiful bokeh.

4. Die Belichtung

"Die Belichtung" translates to exposure in English. It refers to the amount of light that reaches the camera's sensor or film. Proper "Belichtung" is essential for creating well-exposed and balanced photographs. Photographers often adjust settings like aperture, shutter speed, and ISO to achieve the desired exposure.

5. Die Blende

The "Die Blende" is the aperture of the lens, controlling the amount of light that enters the camera. Adjusting "Die Blende" also impacts the depth of field in a photograph, allowing photographers to create sharp or blurred backgrounds.

6. Die Verschlusszeit

"Die Verschlusszeit" is the shutter speed, determining the length of time the camera's sensor or film is exposed to light. Fast "Verschlusszeiten" freeze motion, while slow ones create beautiful motion blur, offering artistic choices for photographers.

7. Das ISO

"Das ISO" remains the same in German, representing the sensitivity of the camera's sensor to light. A lower ISO results in less sensitivity but produces higher image quality with less noise. On the other hand, a higher ISO allows photographers to shoot in low-light conditions but might introduce grain in the final image.

8. Der Bildausschnitt

"Der Bildausschnitt" refers to the composition or framing of an image. Photographers carefully consider "Der Bildausschnitt" to capture the subject in the most visually appealing way, focusing on elements like leading lines, symmetry, and the rule of thirds.

9. Die Perspektive

"Die Perspektive" encompasses the viewpoint or perspective from which a photograph is taken. Photographers explore various "Perspektiven" to create unique and captivating images, whether it's shooting from ground level, bird's-eye view, or through unconventional angles.

10. Die Bildbearbeitung

"Die Bildbearbeitung" denotes image editing or post-processing. After capturing the image, photographers often use software like Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom for "Die Bildbearbeitung" to enhance colors, contrast, and sharpness, bringing their creative vision to life.


German photography vocabulary opens a window into the art and technical aspects of capturing moments through the lens. From the "Kamera" and "Objektiv" to the creative choices of "Bildausschnitt" and "Perspektive," photographers harness these words to weave visual stories that evoke emotions, memories, and a sense of wonder. Next time you delve into the world of German photography, immerse yourself in the language that enriches this beautiful art form, where words paint pictures that transcend time and space.

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