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Common Hobbies in German

Let's start with the words for the most popular hobbies first. Many people would mention travelling, cooking or listening to music when asked about their hobbies.

Here is a list of German words for different hobbies:

kochento cook
fotografierento photograph
reisento travel
wandernto hike
laufento run
kletternto climb
faulenzento laze about
feiern gehento party
Musik hörento listen to music


Let's have a look at the area of sports next: Many Germans enjoy doing sports as a past time activity. Popular sports here in Germany include football, handball, tennis, swimming, and cycling.

der Fußballfootball
das Tennistennis
das Golfgolf
das Skifahrenskiing
das Schwimmenswimming
das Rugbyrugby
das Schlittschuhlaufenice-skating
das Tontaubenschießenclay pigeon shooting
das Badmintonbadminton
der Volleyballvolleyball

In case you're interested in seeing a few more words for all different kinds of sports, check out our full article on German sports vocabulary.

Not included in the above list are fitness activities, such as running (laufen), hiking (wandern), and gym workouts (im Fitnessstudio trainieren), which are also very popular hobbies in Germany.

Arts & Crafts

strickento knit
häkelnto crochet
nähento sew
töpfernto do pottery
malento paint
zeichnento draw
bastelnto make (assemble)
tanzento dance
schauspielento act


das Briefmarkensammelnstamp collecting
das Schmetterlingssammelnbutterfly collecting


Billard spielento play billiards
das Dart / das Dartsdarts
das Tischtennisping pong
der Kickertable football
das Kartenspielcardgames
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