Hairdresser PhrasesGerman Expressions For The Hair Salon

Getting a haircut in a new country is not the problem. Leaving the hair salon and also feeling great about your hair is. Let's explore some German phrases for getting a haircut that won't make you look like Krusty the clown.

Visiting a hairdresser in a German-speaking country can be a unique cultural experience. To ensure effective communication and get the haircut you desire, it's essential to know some key German words and phrases related to hairstyling. In this blog post, we'll explore essential vocabulary and phrases for your trip to the hair salon.

Basic Hair Salon Vocabulary

Let's start with some basic German vocabulary related to the hair salon:

der Friseur
der Haarschnitt
das Shampoo
die Spülung
der Fön
der Kamm
die Schere
die Bürste

Communicating Your Hairstyle Preferences

Clear communication is key when getting a haircut. Here are some phrases to help you express your hairstyle preferences in German:

Ich möchte nur die Spitzen schneiden lassen.

I just want the ends trimmed.
Können Sie die Haare etwas kürzer schneiden?

Could you cut the hair a bit shorter?
Bitte schneiden Sie nur ein kleines Stück ab.

Please cut off only a small piece.
Ich hätte gerne eine neue Haarfarbe.

I'd like a new hair color, please.
Könnten Sie meine Haare föhnen?

Could you blow-dry my hair?
Ich wünsche mir Locken.

I'd like curls, please.
Können Sie meine Haare glätten?

Can you straighten my hair?
Bitte machen Sie mir eine Hochsteckfrisur.

Please give me an updo.

Discussing Hair Concerns

If you have specific hair concerns, these phrases might come in handy:

Ich habe trockene Haare.

I have dry hair.
Meine Haare sind zu dünn.

My hair is too thin.
Können Sie Spliss reparieren?

Can you fix split ends?
Ich möchte meine Haare färben, aber bitte schonend.

I want to color my hair, but please use gentle products.
Ich leide unter Haarausfall.

I'm suffering from hair loss.
Könnten Sie mir eine Haarkur empfehlen?

Could you recommend a hair treatment?
Meine Kopfhaut ist empfindlich.

My scalp is sensitive.
Können Sie mir ein Styling-Produkt empfehlen?

Can you recommend a styling product?

Wrapping Up

Navigating a hair salon in a foreign language can be a bit intimidating, but armed with these German vocabulary and phrases, you're well-prepared for your hairdressing adventure. Effective communication ensures you'll leave the salon feeling satisfied with your new hairstyle. Viel Spaß (have fun) and enjoy the experience of getting a haircut in German-speaking surroundings!

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