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Learn German furniture vocabulary with us.

German furniture vocabulary list
💡 In this lesson, we'll learn all about German nouns. We'll be going through:
  • Capitalization Rules
  • Grammatical Gender
  • Plurals in German

Unlike German numbers, asking for directions in German or telling the time in German, German animal names are actually fun to learn - really.

This is because German is pretty straightforward when it comes to animal vocabulary and often just takes the most obvious traits or characteristics of the animal and meshes it into a word.

Just take German animal names like Nasenbär (anteater) or Nashorn (rhino): It's like somebody asked a toddler to come up with some words for these animals!

Der Affe geht gerne mal spazieren und springt im Gehege herum.
Tom liegt den ganzen Tag nur auf der faulen Haut herum.
Das Kaninchen und der Hase finden es ganz toll den ganzen Tag in der Wiese zu liegen.

In this blog post, we'll go through the most common German animal vocabulary. We'll start with pets & farm animals and then work our way through more exotic animals ("exotic" meaning that you won't find them in German forests) as well as bugs and insects.

Pets & House Animals 🐶

Let's start out with pets. Knowing the word for lion or zebra is great. But:

You're more likely to encounter a dog or a cat in the streets of Berlin (in the parks of Münster rabbits even!), than an anteater or a pot whale.

Hallo mein _____, wie geht es dir denn heute so?
Exercise 1.1: Grammatical Gender
der Hund
die Katze
der Hamster
das Kaninchen

The German word for pet is Haustier, which literally means 'house animal'. The German words for dog and cat are also useful to know, as cats are the most popular pet in Germany.

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