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Improve your ability to ask questions in German with targeted exercises on question words.

On this page you'll find free A1 online German exercises to practice how to form questions in German, using German question words. If you like the exercises on this page, you might want to also join our free e-mail list, which sends out free German learning material & resources to subscribers.

Exercise: German Question Words

1.Whenist dein Geburtstag?
2.Whatist das für ein Geräusch?
3.Where togehst du heute Abend hin?
4.Where fromkommst du?
5.Whohat das Buch gelesen?
6.Whosesind diese Schuhe?
7.Whatmöchtest du trinken?
8.Howviele Stunden arbeitest du pro Woche?
9.How longlange dauert der Flug?
10.How oldalt bist du?
11.How oftenoft gehst du ins Kino?
12.How muchviel kostet das?

Practice German Question Words

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