German Possessive Adjectives Exercises| A1

Practice German possessive adjectives with us.

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In German, possessive adjectives such as mein (my), dein (your), and ihr (her) are used to describe a noun and must agree with it in gender, number, and case. They help indicate ownership directly linked to a noun within a sentence.

On this page, we've collected a few exercises for you to practice forming possessive adjectives.

Exercise 1: German Possessive Adjectives

1.Das ist myAuto.
2.Ist das yourBruder?
3.Sie liest herBuch.
4.Wir haben ourHund verloren.
5.Hast du yourSchlüssel gefunden?
6.Sie waschen theirAuto.
7.Anna hat herTasche vergessen.
8.Die Kinder suchen theirBall.
9.Er repariert hisFahrrad.
10.Paul trägt hisMantel.

Exercise 2: German Possessive Adjectives

1.Maria findet herSchlüssel nicht.
2.Haben Sie yourJacke gesehen?
3.Das ist ourHaus.
4.Tom hat hisBuch verloren.
5.Ich habe myBrille vergessen.
6.Karl und Anna suchen theirKatze.
7.Wo ist yourRucksack?
8.Sie lädt herFreunde ein.
9.Wir nehmen ourSchuhe aus.
10.Hast du yourPass dabei?

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