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Learn about demonstrative pronouns in German.

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Let's practice all of what we have learned in our lessons on German pronouns and German demonstrative pronouns, and have a go at some practice exercises.


Demonstrative Pronouns Exercises

Exercise 1

In this exercise, you are asked to pick the correct demonstrative pronoun to replace the article:

  • 1. Ich mag den Mantel.
  • 2. Sie liefern das Paket.
  • 3. Er spielt die Musik.

Exercise 2

In this next exercise, the articles aren't given! Try to figure out yourself which demonstrative pronoun might fit:

  • 1. Ich habe
  • 2.
    haben einen Termin.
  • 3. Sie spielen
  • 4.
    haben deine Bücher.
  • 5. Sie haben

Exercise 3

Have a look at the sentences below. Using the table above to help you, write the correct demonstrative pronoun in each input.

Pay special attention to the gender of the nouns or whether they are singular or plural.

1.Dies_Katzen tanzen.
2.Dies_Vogel fliegt.
3.Dies_Mädchen arbeitet.

Well done!

We have now covered demonstrative pronouns in both the nominative and accusative cases!


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