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Visiting the dentist can be stressful, especially if you are in a foreign country and do not speak the language fluently (just yet). Knowing some key vocabulary words in German can help make the experience less intimidating and more manageable.

German Dentist Vocabulary

Let's first have a look at very general German vocabulary related to the dentist's office:

die Praxispractice
der Zahnarztdentist (male)
die Zahnärztindentist (female)
der Terminappointment
das Wartezimmerwaiting room
die Wartezeitwaiting time
die Krankenkassehealth insurance
die Versichertenkartehealth-insurance card

German Teeth & Gums Vocabulary

German vocabulary about teeth and other body parts around the mouth are useful in any case, even if you don't plan on seeing a doctor anytime soon. Here is a list of the most important words related to teeth & gums:

der Zahntooth
die Zähne (pl.)teeth
das Zahnfleischgum
der Zahnschmelzenamel
die Zungetongue
die Wangecheek
die Lippelip
der Weisheitszahnwisdom tooth
der Schneidezahnincisor
der Backenzahnmolar
der Frontzahnfront tooth

German Tooth Pain & Problems Vocabulary

If you are experiencing pain or discomfort, it is important to be able to communicate this to the dentist and their team. Being able to say "Ich habe Schmerzen" (I am in pain) or "Ich habe eine Zahnfleischentzündung" (I have a gingivitis) can help the dentist understand your concerns and provide the appropriate treatment.

der Schmerzpain
der stechende Schmerzsharp pain
der pochende Schmerzachey pain
die Zahnfleischentzündunggingivitis
die Schwellungswelling
der Abszessabscess
die Kariescaries
das Lochcavity
einen Zahn ziehento pull a tooth
die Parodontitisparodontitis

The above list contains common German words & expressions to communicate tooth pain & describe your symptoms in more detail can be found in this list:

If you are in pain right now, it might be useful to remember some of these words or even write them down to bring them with you.

German Dentist Treatments Vocabulary

In addition, knowing vocabulary related to dental procedures can help you understand what is happening during the appointment.

die Füllungfilling
die Wurzelkanalbehandlungroot canal treatment
die Kontrollecontrol
die Polierungpolishing
die professionelle Zahnreinigungprofessional teeth cleaning
die Kronecrown
das Materialmaterial
die Kostencost

Words such as "Füllung" (filling), "Wurzelbehandlung" (root canal), and "Zahnreinigung" (tooth cleaning) can help you understand the process and make informed decisions about your treatment.

Dentist Utensils in German

If you are learning German as a dentist or just want to communicate better with your dentist, these next words might help talking to the dentist about their utensils.

der Bohrerdrill
der Absaugersuction device
der Zahnarztstuhldentist's chair
die Spritzeinjection
die Betäubunganesthesia
die Zahnschienenightguard
die Lupenbrillemagnifying glasses
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