German Dance VocabularyWord List & Pronunciation

Explore German dance vocabulary, for discussions on the dance floor.

Dance is an art form that holds a special place in German culture, with various traditional and modern dance styles celebrated throughout the country. Whether you are interested in learning to dance in Germany or just curious about dance terms in German, this blog post will provide you with multiple lists of very useful German words related to dance.

German Dance Vocabulary

Traditional German Dances Vocabulary

Let's begin with some vocabulary related to traditional German dances:

der Walzer
der Volkstanz
folk dance
der Schuhplattler
shoe-slapping dance
der Polka
der Rheinländer
rheinländer dance
der Zwiefacher
zwiefacher dance

Modern Dance Styles Vocabulary

Next, let's explore some vocabulary related to modern dance styles:

der Hip-Hop
der Ballett
der Jazztanz
jazz dance
der Contemporary-Tanz
contemporary dance
der Streetdance
street dance
der Breakdance

Dance Actions Vocabulary

Now, let's learn some words for common dance actions:

to dance
to jump
to spin
to stride
to clap
to stomp

Dance Attire Vocabulary

Lastly, let's discover some words for dance attire:

das Ballettkleid
ballet dress
der Tanzanzug
dance leotard
die Tanzschuhe
dance shoes
die Ballettschuhe
ballet shoes
die Tanzstrumpfhose
dance tights
die Tanzkleidung
dance attire

Dance is not only a beautiful expression of culture and art, but it also provides joy and a sense of community. We hope this vocabulary helps you better appreciate the world of dance in Germany.


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