Comprehensible Input for German LearnersFree Vocabulary List


This post answers one question and one question only: What's the best German comprehensible input material?

basic German vocabulary & pronunciation.

What is comprehensible input?

First of all, let's first answer the question what comprehensible input is. The idea of comprehensible input goes back to linguist Stephen Krashen and his theories about foreign language acquisition.

Here is a full post on comprehensible input & language learning.

How to find Comprehensible Input

How do you go about finding comprehensible input?

  1. Count how many words you understand per page / sentence
  2. Feel how smooth things go (when watching or listening)
  3. Try material where u can double-check yourself: e.g. our reader
  4. Educate yourself on different resources out there and try out a lot; dont be afraid to let stuff fall again when its too difficult and visit it later

German Comprehensible Input (List)

Reading in German

German Novels

German Non-Fiction

German Short Stories

German Blogs

Watching in German

German TV Shows

German Movies

German Youtube Channels

Listening in German

German Audiobooks

German Music

German Podcasts

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