German Stand-Up Comedians(for Curious Learners)

Learning German through German Rap isn't very easy: Rap songs usually involve a lot of slang, word play & obscure cultural references. In this article, we'll show you a few of the easier German rap songs - but don't expect to understand everything from the get-go.

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In this post, we'd like to talk a little about German comedy & German-speaking (stand-up) comedians.

Recommending comedy is always a little bit difficult, as humour is so very subjective. But German comedy in particular is not an easy subject. Germans aren't internationally known for their great sense of humour, and I personally have to agree that the landscape of German stand-up comedy (or German comedy in general) is not looking very promising.

For some reason, English-speaking comedy is a lot funnier, and even French comedy seems miles ahead. With this being said, I want to go ahead and recommend a few German comedians that you might want to check out.

German Standup

Helge Schneider

Let's start with a really quirky German comedian who most people here in Germany either love or hate. I think that a lot of people do like him, as he's such a famous figure in German comedy.

Helge Schneider

Maria Clara Groppler

Maria Clara Groppler is a newcomer in the German comedy scene. I haven't watched a lot of her stuff, but I feel like her material so far is very promising.

Hazel Brugger

Lisa Eckhart

Very controversial

German Political Cabaret

Rainald Grebe

Rainald Grebe is not really a stand-up comedians but belongs to what we Germans call "Kabarett". It's a mix between political satire, comedy and you'll often find artists incorporate musical performances and other forms of art into their acts.

Florian Schroeder

Bodo Wartke

German Comedy Shows

Jan Böhmermann

Jan Böhmermann is also not a stand up comedian, but more like a late night host with a comedy show. You could say that he's the German version of John Oliver.


Martin Sonneborn

You might also want to check out

Christoph Maria Herbst, especially in his role as Bernd Stromberg in the German tv show Stromberg.

Simon Gosejohann Dieter Nuhr Serdar Somuncu Hagen Rether Volker Pispers


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