German Car VocabularyWord List & Pronunciation

Master German car vocabulary, for discussions on roadtrips and hobbies.

If you're a car enthusiast or planning to travel to Germany, it's helpful to know some basic car and automobile vocabulary in German. In this blog post, we'll provide you with multiple lists of very useful German words related to cars.

German Car & Automobile Vocabulary List for Beginners

Car Parts and Components

Let's start with some essential car parts and components:

der Motor
das Lenkrad
steering wheel
die Bremse
das Gaspedal
accelerator pedal
das Bremspedal
brake pedal
der Scheinwerfer

Car Types and Models

Next, let's explore different types of cars and some popular models:

der PKW (Personenkraftwagen)
car (passenger vehicle)
der LKW (Lastkraftwagen)
truck (commercial vehicle)
der Geländewagen
SUV (sport utility vehicle)
der Kleinwagen
compact car
der Sportwagen
sports car
der Kombi
station wagon

Car Maintenance and Services

When you own a car, maintenance and services are essential. Here are some relevant terms:

die Inspektion
der Ölwechsel
oil change
der Reifenwechsel
tire change
die Autowäsche
car wash
die Reparatur
die Werkstatt
workshop / garage

Driving Phrases and Expressions

Finally, let's learn some common driving phrases and expressions in German:

Gute Fahrt!

Have a good trip!

Bitte langsam fahren.

Please drive slowly.
Ich brauche Benzin.

I need gasoline.
Wo ist die nächste Tankstelle?

Where is the nearest gas station?
Ich habe mich verfahren.

I got lost.
Können Sie mir den Weg erklären?

Can you explain the way to me?
Die Straße ist gesperrt.

The road is closed.
Ich möchte parken.

I would like to park.
Das Auto ist kaputt.

The car is broken.
Wie viel kostet die Miete pro Tag?

How much does the rental cost per day?
Können Sie mir ein Taxi rufen?

Can you call me a taxi?

We hope this vocabulary list helps you in your car-related activities in Germany! Whether you're driving or simply admiring cars, these words will come in handy. Gute Reise! (Have a good journey!)

Remember to drive safely and follow all traffic rules.

If you have any other topics you'd like to learn about in German, feel free to let us know.


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