"By The Way" in GermanHow to Say "By The Way"


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If you want to say by the way in German, you would use the word " Übrigens". Other alternatives are "À propos", "Nebenbei erwähnt" & "Im Übrigen".

How do you say by the way (btw) in German? While there are a few alternatives, the word you are looking for here is most probably "Übrigens".

Here are a few examples:

Ich habe übrigens gestern Tim im Supermarket getroffen!

Du hast übrigens noch 2 Flaschen Wein bei mir vergessen.

Übrigens, ich habe uns für Samstag einen Tisch reserviert!

Different Ways to Say "By the Way" in German

Let's have a quick look at all the alternatives.


Übrigens is the most common one. Anytime you would want to say "by the way", "übrigens" should be your go-to.

A Propos

If you're not used to it, "A Propos" might sound a bit fancy at first. But it doesn't really sound like that in German. In fact, it's rather common to use this phrase if you want to say "by the way".

Im Übrigen

"Im Übrigen" also means "by the way". But careful: It sounds a bit posh and stuck up. You would probably use "im Übrigen" in writing or when delivering a more formal speech. So don't be surprised when your German friends start making fun of you, nicknaming you "professor" when you use 'im Übrigen' with them,