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What is Comprehensible Input in Language Learning & how can you use it to learn a foreign language? In this comprehensive guide, you'll find out!

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I. Introduction

What is Comprehensible Input?

In language learning (or second language acquisition), we call the things we consume in our target language input. So a TV show, a novel or a standup comedy show could all be input.

Input can be more or less difficult for you to understand, of course. Children's books in your target language might be much easier for you to get than a movie with a lot of slang.

Now what is comprehensible input? Comprehensible input is input at your current level of language ability. If you can comprehend the content you're consuming, it's comprehensible input. It does not matter whether you can understand the content, because you simply know a lot (or all) of the vocabulary, or whether it is also made clear to you through context, gesture, or other cues.

The importance of comprehensible input lies in its role in facilitating acquisition, as it provides the learner with the necessary exposure to the target language in a form that can be understood and processed.

How to get started with Comprehensible Input

There are several ways to incorporate comprehensible input into your language learning routine. One way is to immerse yourself in the target language by watching movies, TV shows, or listening to music in the target language with subtitles in your native language. Another way is to find language exchange partners who can speak with you in the target language and provide you with opportunities to practice and receive feedback on your language use.

Reading graded readers, which are simplified books written in the target language, is also a great way to increase exposure to comprehensible input. Additionally, working with a language tutor can help you identify and work on specific language structures and vocabulary words, while also providing you with a source of comprehensible input.

2. The Role of Input in Language Acquisition

  • Explanation of how input plays a role in language acquisition
  • The importance of meaningful input in language learning
  • How comprehensible input fits into the input hypothesis

3. Creating a Comprehensible Input Environment

  • Examples of ways to create a comprehensible input environment
  • Finding resources such as books, movies, and music that are within your current language level
  • Using tools such as language learning apps and software

4. Techniques for Making Input More Comprehensible

  • Explanation of how to use techniques such as simplification, repetition, and visual aids
  • Tips for understanding new vocabulary
  • Using context to better understand input

5. Conclusion

  • Summary of the importance of comprehensible input in language learning
  • Encouragement to create a comprehensible input environment and use techniques to make input more comprehensible
  • Additional resources for further learning
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