Spaced RepetitionSRS for Language Learning

Spaced Repetition Systems (SRS) are effective tools to help us remember things better. Language learners have used spaced repetition for centuries now. But how exactly does it work? And how to get started?

Person practicing the shadowing technique (Language Learning)


  • Explanation of what spaced repetition is and why it's effective for language learning
  • Overview of the different types of SRSs and techniques available

Understanding the Science behind SRS

  • Explanation of the psychological principles behind spaced repetition (e.g. the spacing effect, the forgetting curve)
  • Discussion of the research supporting the effectiveness of SRS for language learning

Choosing the Right SRS for You

  • Comparison of the different types of SRSs (e.g. Anki, Memrise, Quizlet) and their features
  • Tips for selecting the SRS that best fits your learning style and needs

Incorporating SRS into Your Language Learning Routine

  • Suggestions for how to integrate SRS into your daily language learning practice
  • Tips for maximizing the effectiveness of SRS by combining it with other techniques (e.g. shadowing, language exchange)

Common Challenges and How to Overcome Them

  • Discussion of common challenges learners face when using SRS (e.g. burnout, lack of motivation)
  • Strategies for overcoming these challenges and maintaining consistency with SRS


  • Summary of the benefits of using SRS for language learning
  • Encouragement to incorporate SRS into your language learning routine
  • Additional resources for further learning
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