How to Use AnkiOur Complete Tutorial for Anki

Anki is a free spaced repetition system (SRS), that is particularly effective for language learning, though it can be used to remember all sorts of things. In this post, we're going to have a look at Anki and how to use it.

Person practicing the shadowing technique (Language Learning)


  • Explanation of what Anki is and why it's useful for language learning
  • Overview of the main features of Anki

Getting Started

  • Setting up Anki on your device
  • Creating your first deck and adding cards
  • Importing pre-made decks

Creating and Organizing Cards

  • Adding new cards and editing existing ones
  • Organizing cards into decks and subdecks
  • Creating tags and using them to filter cards

Using Anki for Vocabulary Learning

  • Techniques for adding vocabulary words and phrases to Anki
  • Using the built-in audio and image features to enhance vocabulary learning
  • Using the example sentence feature to improve context and comprehension

Using Anki for Grammar Learning

  • Techniques for adding grammar rules and examples to Anki
  • Using the cloze deletion feature to test grammar understanding
  • Creating grammar cards that focus on specific grammar points

Advanced Anki Techniques

  • Using the "Card Layout" feature to customize the look of your cards
  • Using the "Card Scheduling" feature to optimize your study sessions
  • Integrating Anki with other language learning resources

Tips and Tricks

  • Tips for making the most out of Anki
  • Common problems and how to troubleshoot them


  • Summary of the benefits of using Anki for language learning
  • Encouragement to start using Anki in your language learning routine
  • Additional resources for further learning
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