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Basics & First Steps

Welcome to Our First Beginner German Lesson. We hope you like it

modal verbsmodal verbs in German
student desk with pen, paper & iPad saying "Modalverben" (modal verbs)

Let's look at the alphabet.

The German Alphabet

Before we get started with words & sentences, let's introduce some new letters. If you know the letters of the Latin alphabet (and you clearly do, because you are reading this 😊), then there are only 4 new letters to learn:


The ß only comes as a small letter. It never appears at the beginning of a word. It's a bit shy.


Let's have a look at how you pronounce things in German, by just reading out aloud a few words. The idea here is not to learn all the rules of German pronunciation by heart, but to try to get a feeling for how German sounds like.

der Weg - der Wecker