How to conjugate "geben"

Let's learn how to conjugate the German verb 'geben' in present, past & future tenses.


The German verb "geben," which means "to give," is a core and commonly used verb in the German language. For beginners learning German, mastering the conjugation of verbs like "geben" is essential for creating accurate and expressive sentences.

Let's explore the conjugation of "geben" across different tenses.

Simple Present (Präsens)

1stich gebewir geben
2nddu gibstihr gebt
3rder/sie/es gibtsie/Sie geben

Simple Past (Präteritum)

Conjugating the German verb "geben" (to give) in the past tense, specifically in the simple past (Präteritum), is an important skill for German learners. The Präteritum is often used in written German and for storytelling.

The conjugation of "geben" in this tense is as follows:

1stich gabwir gaben
2nddu gabstihr gabt
3rder/sie/es gabsie/Sie gaben

A useful tip for remembering these forms is to notice the pattern in the root of the word: "gab" is consistent across all conjugations, with endings changing based on the subject. This pattern is common in many German verbs in the simple past tense.

Present Perfect (Perfekt)

Conjugating the German verb "geben" (to give) in the present perfect tense (Perfekt) involves using the auxiliary verb "haben" and the past participle "gegeben."

1stich habe gegebenwir haben gegeben
2nddu hast gegebenihr habt gegeben
3rder/sie/es hat gegebensie/Sie haben gegeben

The present perfect is commonly used in spoken German to talk about past events. It is the most common way to refer to past actions and experiences.

Unlike the simple past tense (Präteritum), which is more formal and often found in written texts like newspapers and novels, the present perfect is widely used in oral communication to express that something has happened or has been completed in the past.

Past Perfect (Plusquamperfekt)

1stich hatte gegebenwir hatten gegeben
2nddu hattest gegebenihr hattet gegeben
3rder/sie/es hatte gegebensie/Sie hatten gegeben

Simple Future (Futur I)

1stich werde gebenwir werden geben
2nddu wirst gebenihr werdet geben
3rder/sie/es wird gebensie/Sie werden geben

Future Perfect (Futur II)

1stich werde gegeben habenwir werden gegeben haben
2nddu wirst gegeben habenihr werdet gegeben haben
3rder/sie/es wird gegeben habensie/Sie werden gegeben haben


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