Der Die DasComplete Guide to the German Articles

Der, Die & Das are probably the three most hated words by German learners. Here is a guide & overview, to help you master them from the start.


If you've been learning German for a while, you know that the German language loves to make even the simplest of things a little complicated.

The English word "the", for example, can be translated with der, die or das, and seems to remain a total mystery to both learners, speakers & natives, what exactly the rules are (if there are any).

In this guide, we'll have a look at der, die & das in German, to help you navigate this crucial early stage.

Der Die Das: The Why & How

Why it's important to learn der die das?

What is noun gender

German noun gender has quite a few similarities to the different houses in Harry Potter (without Slytherin).

Der Die Das Table

How to Use Der Die Das

Der Die Das Rules

Useful Tipps & Tricks with Der Die Das

How to know the gender of any noun

Der Die Das & the German Case System

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